Title: EAFONS2023(26th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars Secretariat 2023) Theme: Doctoral Nursing Education in Response to the Unprecedented Time: Toward Sustainable Well-being Date: March 10 Fri. - 11 Sat. 2023 Tokyo, JAPAN

Action research seminar

Action Research on Humanized Childbirth – empowering both women and health professionals –

13:00-14:30 March 10, 2023 at Venue 5:Experimental Research Bldg, #Room 6

  • Megumi Haruna, PhD, RNM, PHN, RN
    Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Prof. Chizuru Misago, PhD
    Professor, Tsuda University, Japan
  • Emi Sasagawa, PhD, RNM, MPH, RN
    Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan

“Humanization of childbirth” is one of the care models of respectful maternity care. The term “humanization” can explain by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire’s thoughts on “humanization,” which he referred to as the “process of regaining dignity and autonomy of people who have been deprived of it.” The Government of Japan has been implementing technical cooperation projects around the world that place the humanization of childbirth at the center of the concept, sharing the essence of midwifery inspired by the work of Japanese midwives. This seminar describes how the projects have contributed to empowering women and health professionals from an action research perspective.