Title: EAFONS2023(26th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars Secretariat 2023) Theme: Doctoral Nursing Education in Response to the Unprecedented Time: Toward Sustainable Well-being Date: March 10 Fri. - 11 Sat. 2023 Tokyo, JAPAN

Important Notes


Place Date
Pre-registration Faculty of Engineering bldg.2 #Forum March  10th 8:30-16:30
    11th 8:15-16:30
Help desk
Invited registration
Cloak Faculty of Engineering bldg.2 #Room 221 March  10th 8:30-17:00
    11th 8:15-17:00


Location: Faculty of Engineering, bldg.2 Forum (on both days)
Opening Hours: March  10th (Fri) 8:30- 17:00
            11th (Sat) 8:15-17:00

Notes on Cloak

Only one piece of baggage per person can be checked in.
We do not accept the followings;
valuables, umbrellas, coats/ jackets, fragile items, fresh food, etc.
Please make sure to pick up your baggage by 17:00 each day.
Those who will attend the Welcome Dinner on the evening of Friday the 10th are requested to pick up their baggage during the above-mentioned cloakroom opening hours. (please use the cloakroom at the Welcome Dinner venue).
Please be extra careful not to lose your luggage tags.
The cloakroom is unmanned except for its opening hours.
If there is any baggage remaining after the cloakroom opening hours on the final day, the baggage will be moved to the convention headquarters.
The cloakroom will be closed in case of fire, earthquake, or other emergencies.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Eating and Drinking

Because the Yasuda Auditorium, the main venue is a national registered tangible property, it is strictly prohibited to eat or drink (even water) in the auditorium, 1st floor lobby, or corridors. It is allowed to eat (only snacks distributed by EAFONS2023) and drink only in Foyer (2nd floor). At lunch time, the following venues can be used for eating and drinking.


Lunch map:
Please make use of the following lunch map of on-campus and off-campus restaurants & cafe.

Lunch venue

You may eat and drink at the following locations only at lunch time (No food will be provided nor boxed lunches sold).
Please note the following when using the venues.

Please be sure to take your garbage with you.
Please cooperate with ventilation and hand sanitizing to prevent infection.
Please strictly observe the hours of use.
Venue 10th (Fri) 11th (Sat) Capacity
Lunch venue 1
Faculty of Medicine, bldg2, #Large auditorium
11:45~12:40 12:30~13:10 128
Lunch venue 2
Faculty of Medicine, bldg2, #Small auditorium
11:45~12:40 12:30~13:10 122
Lunch venue 3
Faculty of Medicine, bldg1, #SC110
11:30~13:00 12:15~13:30 110
Lunch venue 4
Faculty of Medicine, bldg1, #NC309
11:30~13:00 12:15~13:30 170

Use of Wi-Fi in the campus

  • The network of SSID "UTokyo-Guest" can be used by registration from mobile phones. The network service is provided by SoftBank on the campus facilities. This service is not provided by the University of Tokyo. For information on how to use UTokyo-Guest, please visit the University of Tokyo website.
    WiFi service in UTokyo>In campus services>4. Other guests → Please use UTokyo-Guest
  • Members of Eduroam (Educational Roaming Infrastructure) participant affiliation can use Eduroam in the campus facilities. To use Eduroam, you must obtain an Eduroam account (ID/password) in advance. To get an account or for any other questions, please contact the department in charge at the university, research institute, or other organization to which you belong. The Secretariat office and staff of EAFONS2023 do not issue accounts, act as an intermediary, or provide user support.

Infection Control

We ask for your cooperation to prevent the spread of infection.

  • Please wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and disinfect your hands.
  • Please let us check your temperature at the reception (March 10th) or the entrance of each venue (March 11th).
  • Please note that you will not be allowed to participate if you have any of the following:
fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, or one degree above your normal temperature.
symptoms that are suspicious of infection
not feeling well
symptoms that are suspicious of COVID-19
had been infected by COVID-19 and still have not recovered from it
had close contact with a person infected by COVID-19 and is under quarantine

Exhibition booth

The exhibition booths will be set up at the following places, dates and times. Please feel free to drop in.
Time and Date: March  10th (Fri.) 8:30-16:30
            11th (Sat.) 8:15-16:00


  • Exhibition booths of cooperates will be set in the lobby (1st floor) of Yasuda Auditorium.
  • Exhibition booths of universities or research centres will be set in the corridor (1st floor) of Yasuda Auditorium.
    ※ Please enter the corridor through the doors inside the main auditorium.

In the Event of a Disaster

If there is a change in the holding of the EAFONS2023 due to a disaster, an emergency notice will be posted on the website. If a disaster occurs during the meeting, please follow the announcements or guidance of the staff at each venue.


  • Official photographers will take photos at each venue and photos may be used for the website and pamphlets of JANPU, UTokyo Nursing, and Global Nursing Research Center.