Title: EAFONS2023(26th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars Secretariat 2023) Theme: Doctoral Nursing Education in Response to the Unprecedented Time: Toward Sustainable Well-being Date: March 10 Fri. - 11 Sat. 2023 Tokyo, JAPAN

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– February 6, 2023
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July 1, 2022 – Sep. 30, 2022
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Welcome Message

Chair, Professor Mari Ikeda, PhD, RN, CCP

Chair: Mari Ikeda

Warmest Greetings from UTokyo!

We are very proud to announce that the 26th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars: EAFONS conference will be held on March 10 and 11, 2023 at the historical Yasuda Auditorium of The University of Tokyo. After two years of online conferences due to COVID-19, we hope to provide a friendly and fruitful face-to-face opportunity for communication and active learning which will lead to future global collaborations.

EAFONS was founded in 1997 with seven member countries including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan. The conference has been held annually to promote active international exchange among nursing researchers, especially graduate students, aiming to improve the quality of nursing practices globally and to establish international collaborations.

The theme of EAFONS 2023 is "Doctoral Nursing Education's Response to the Unprecedented Time: Toward Sustainable Well-being. Since the spring of 2020, we have faced the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, which shook existing nursing values. We still face numerous issues around the globe and are expected to carefully consider how we can respond to these issues and move forward with a bright outlook for the future of nursing science.

We are honored to have Dr. Cheryl Tatano Beck, one of the greatest nursing science role models as a keynote speaker. She will address us on “Developing a Research Program: The Road not Taken” and will share her expertise on quantitative and qualitative research approaches. We anticipate it will be a life-changing experience and great turning point for you regardless of where you may be in your career path. Various symposiums and workshops are also planned to expand our vision and capacities as nursing scientists.

We extend our deep appreciation to each one of you for your passion, perseverance, and efforts to bring quality nursing support to individuals, families, organizations, and societies locally and globally. We hope to welcome you to Tokyo and make EAFONS 2023 a great success with your cooperation and global collaboration.

Chair: Mari Ikeda, PhD, RN, CCP
Division of Health Sciences and Nursing
Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

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